Ramazan Hakki Öztan (Salt Lake City)

Dr. Ramazan Hakki Öztan
University of Utah, Salt Lake City


Ramazan Hakki Öztan: “The Chemist of revolution: Naum Tufekchiev and the networks of revolutionary violence in late Ottoman Europe (1864-1916)” (Abstract)



2009 – 2016 Ph.D. (Department of History) at the University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT, USA

  • Dissertation Title: “Commodities of Nationalism: Technologies of Rebellion and Networks of Resistance in the Late Ottoman Balkans, 1878-1912”
  • Dissertation Committee: Peter Sluglett (Chair), Erik Jan Zürcher, Wesley Sasaki-Uemura, Hakan Yavuz, Peter von Sivers
  • General Examination Fields: Middle East since 1800, Ottoman Empire, Classical Islamic History, Nationalism/Ethnic Conflict, Modern Turkey, History Theory/Methods
2010 Institute of Higher Language for Arabic, University of Damascus Damascus, Syria
2009 M.A. Department of History at the University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming, USA
2007 B.A. Department of English at the Hacettepe University Ankara, Turkey


2016 – present Lecturer at the Istanbul Medipol University
2015 – 2016 Graduate Writing Fellow at the University of Utah
2015 New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania
Research Fellow
2012 Assistant Lecturer at the University of Wyoming
2011 – 2015 Instructor & University Teaching Assistant at the University of Utah
2009 – 2011 Presidential Fellow at the University of Utah
2007 – 2009 Teaching Assistant at the University of Wyoming

Teaching Experience

Courses Taught ATA 1101 History of Modern Turkey I & II 2016-present
MID E 4800 Middle East Revolutions 2012-2015
HIST 4400 Introduction to Islam 2011-2016
HUM 1900 Introduction to the Middle East Spring 2011
MID E 4107 Model Arab League Spring 2013
Teaching Assistant HIST 1110/20 Western Civilization I & II 2007-2009


Monograph (Under Preparation) Tools of Revolution: Illicit Economies, Violence, and Security in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1878-1908
Journal Articles (Revise & Resubmit) “Beyond Narratives of Consensus: Ottoman Collapse, Nationalist Teleology, and the Legacy of the Balkan Wars (1912-13),” International Journal of Middle East Studies
(Accepted) “Tools of Revolution: Global Military Surplus, Merchants, and Smugglers in the Late Ottoman Balkans, 1878-1908,” Past & Present, forthcoming
Book Chapters (Forthcoming) “Technologies of Rebellion: Ottoman Balkans as a Site of Technological Contestation, 1878-1912,” in New Europe College Yearbook 2014-2015, ed. Irina Vainovski-Mihai (Bucharest: New Europe College, 2016).
(in Turkish) “1915 Effect: Memory, Methodology, and Historiography),” (1915 Etkisi: Tekil ve Bugün-Bazlı Hafıza(lar), Metedoloji ve Tarihyazımı) in 19.-20. Yüzyıllarda Türk-Ermeni İlişkileri, ed. Fatih M. Sancaktar et al, vol. II (İstanbul: Türk Ocakları İstanbul Şubesi, 2016) pp. 1213-24.
“Nationalism in Function: ‘Rebellions’ in the Ottoman Empire and Narratives in its Absence,” in War and Collapse: World War I and the Ottoman State, ed. H. Yavuz and Feroz Ahmad (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2016) pp. 161-202.
Commentaries “Are we witnessing the Macedonian Question of the 21st Century?” Middle East Monitor, October 16, 2014.
Reprint in Macedonian: “ОД МИС СТОН ДО ИСИС,” off.net.mk, October 17, 2014.
“Peasants’ and ‘Plunderers’: Rhetoric of Political Exclusion in Turkey,” Middle East Policy Council, June 24, 2013.
Reprint in Italian: “Postfazione: ‘Contadini’ e ‘Teppisti,’ Spazi e Linguaggi di Esclusione Politica a Istanbul,” in Storia Urbana: Rivista di Studi Sulle Trasformazioni Della Citta e del Territorio in eta Moderna, 36:139 (Aprile-Giugno 2014) pp.187-90.
Encyclopedia Entries (Forthcoming—17 entries) “Al-Atrash, Sultan,” “Armenian Question,” “Baghdad,” “Balkans,” “Bashi-bazouk,” “Capitulation, Treaties of in Ottoman Empire,” “Druze,” “Euphrates,” “Faysal I,” “Great Game,” “Green Revolution,” “Inonu, Ismet,” “Koprulu, Mehmet,” “Muhammad Ali,” “Sunni,” “‘Urabi Pasha,” and “Zaghlul, Sa‘d.” In Encyclopedia of the Middle East and South Asia, ed. Gordon D. Newby, Armonk, N.Y: M. E. Sharpe Reference
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Book Reviews (Forthcoming) Umut Uzer, An Intellectual History of Turkish Nationalism: Between Turkish Ethnicity and Islamic Identity, in Uluslararası İlişkiler Dergisi, Fall 2016
Naci Yorulmaz, Arming the Sultan: German Arms Trade and Personal Diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire before World War I, in Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online, vol. 2 no. 12, Dec. 2014
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Academic Translations Ahmet Efiloglu, “The Exodus of Thracian Greeks to Greece in the Post-Balkan War Era,” in War and Empire: Ottoman Empire and World War I, eds. H. Yavuz and Feroz Ahmad (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2015)
Nedim Ipek’s “The Balkans, War, and Migration;” Funda Selcuk Sirin’s “The Traumatic Legacy of the Balkan Wars for Turkish Intellectuals;” and Dogan Akyaz’s “The Legacy and Impacts of the Defeat in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 on the Psychological Makeup of the Turkish Officer Corps,” in War and Nationalism: The Balkan Wars, 1912-1913, and their Sociopolitical Implications, eds. H. Yavuz and Isa Blumi (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2013) pp. 621-64, 679-703, 739-68.
Yusuf Sarinay, “The Relocations (Tehcir) of Armenians and the Trials of 1915-16,” in Middle East Critique, Vol. 20, No. 3, Fall 2011, pp. 299-315.
Mustafa Tanriverdi, “The Treaty of Berlin and the Tragedy of the Settlers from the Three Cities,” in War and Diplomacy: the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 and the Treaty of Berlin, ed. H. Yavuz with Peter Sluglett (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2011), pp. 449-78.
Reports Conference Report of “the Collapse of Ottoman and Austria-Hungarian Empires: Patterns and Legacies,” Vienna, Austria, January 16-17, 2014, in Turkish Review, 4:5 (Sept-Oct, 2014) pp.584-6.
Conference Report of “Revolutions in the Balkans: Revolts and Uprisings in the Era of Nationalism (1804-1908),” Panteion University, Athens, Greece, 31 October-2 November 2013, H-Net Discussion Networks – H-Turk, Nov 19, 2013.
Works in Progress (Second Book Project) Fehim Paşa: Espionage, Crime, and Scandal in the Ottoman Empire
“What Happened to Philip Wills? Abduction, Ransom and Diplomacy in the Late Ottoman Balkans” (article length)
“Malik Bey of Frasheri: the Making of a Late Ottoman Outlaw” (article length)
“Biography of an Expert(ise): Walter J. Levy from Iran Oil Nationalization (1951-53) to Suez Crisis (1956)” (article length)
“Politics of Boxer Rebellion in Istanbul: Public Opinion, Ottoman State, and Mission of Hasan Enver Pasha” (article length)
“Global Markets of Faith, Anxieties of Governance: Mormon Missionaries in the Ottoman Middle East, 1884-1921” (article length)


2016 “Regulating the Literary Space: Politics of Moveable Type in the Late Ottoman Empire,” Middle East Studies Association, 2016 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA (Nov 17-20)
2015 “Revolutions of the Same Caliber? Rifles as Global Commodities in the Late Ottoman Balkans, 1878-1912,” A Workshop on ‘Globalizing the History of Revolutions’, University College Dublin, Ireland (23-24 October)
“Commodities of Nationalism: Revolutionaries, Technology and Networks in the Ottoman Balkans, 1878-1912,” New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania (July 8)
“Technology of Contention, Technology of Containment: Ottoman Balkans after the Turn of the Century,” The Age of the Komitadji: Entangled Histories and Political Sociology of Insurgencies in the Ottoman World (1870s 1920s) University of Basel, Switzerland (Jan 22-24)
“1915 Effect: Implications for Methodology and Narrative-Formation in the Late Ottoman Studies,” Turkish-Armenian Relations in 19th-20th Centuries: Resentment, Separation, and New Approaches, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey (Jan 5-9)
2014 “Beyond Narratives of Consensus: Ottoman Intellectuals, Decision-Makers and the Balkan Wars (1912-1913),” Middle East Studies Association, 2014 Annual Meeting, Washington, DC (Nov 22-25)
“Young Turks and Saving the State: WWI as an Opportunity Space?” International Conference on the Occasion of the Centennial of the First World War, Institutes of History of Bosnia, Croatia, and Macedonia, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (June 19-20)
(Discussant) “The Revolutionary Nationalist Organizations (Komitadji) from the Balkans to Caucasus,” Association for the Study of Nationalities, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, 24-26 April, New York
“Foreign Intervention and Young Turk Mindset: Christianity as Marker of Disloyalty?” Collapse of Ottoman and Austria-Hungarian Empires: Patterns and Legacies, Vienna, Austria (Jan 16-17)
2013 (Panel Organizer & Presenter) “Ottoman Official Nationalism: Modernization, Assimilation, and Imperial Constraints,” Middle East Studies Association, 2013 Annual Meeting, New Orleans LA (Oct 10-13).
(Doctoral Seminar) “Turkish Nationalism: Approaching Ottoman and Islamic Legacies beyond Ethnicity, Secularism, and Westernism,” organized by the Middle Eastern Studies, University of Basel, September 13-14, 2013, Basel, Switzerland
“Developmentalism and Modernization: Regional Imperatives after the Collapse of the Ottoman Romanov, and Qajar Empires,” Turkish Studies Project Conference IV: “The Ottoman Empire and Caucasus,” Tbilisi, Georgia (June 5-9)
2012 “Ottomans Turned Mormon: Mormon Mission to the Ottoman Empire, 1880s-1920s,” Middle East Studies Association, 2012 Annual Meeting, Denver CO (Nov 17-20)
(Invited Talk) “2011 Yılındaki Arap İsyanları: Tematik bir Analiz (in Turkish) [Arab Uprisings in 2011: A Thematic Analysis],” Balıkesir University, Balikesir, Turkey (Oct. 12)
“Imperial Borders, Equal Citizens: Ottoman Nationalism (?) and its Discontents,” Turkish Studies Project Conference III: “The Ottoman Empire and World War I,” Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (May 16-20)
2011 “Handling the Unreasonable Nation: Iran and the Western Political Economy of Oil, 1951-1953,” Middle East Studies Association, 2011 Annual Meeting, Washington DC (Dec 1-4)
“Absolutism, Constitutionalism, and its Ethnic Twist: A Preliminary Framework to Study Nationalisms in the Ottoman World,” The Association for the Study of Nationalities, 2011 World Convention, New York (April 14-6)
“Iranian Oil Flows to the West Again: Mossadeq, Nationalization, and the Coup of 1953,” 11th Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson (March 29-31)
2009 “George Lamsa: Missions, Modernism, and Slavery of the Near Eastern Women,” 9th Annual Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern Studies, Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson (March 25-27)

Academic Service

2015 Conference Co-Organizer, University of Basel
“The Age of the Komitadji: Entangled Histories and Political Sociology of Insurgencies in the Ottoman World (1870s-1920s),” January 22-24, 2015. With Maurus Reinkowski and Alp Yenen
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